I didn't have time to make a site for this applet so you'll have to do with this:
If you want to see a better site follow this link. Below you see the Lenz applet. This lens effect applet displays a colored lens with light reflection on it. And still is fast even on large images. Oh, and it's only 5k to load. (Not to be confused with the image, which is 100k)

The above applet uses this html code:
<APPLET code="Lenz.class" archive="lenz.jar" width=640 height=480>
<PARAM name="cabbase" value="">
<PARAM name="image" value="fabje.jpg">
<PARAM name="size" value="60">
<PARAM name="color" value="7FFF00">
<PARAM name="transparency" value="0.8">

Just change the parameters to what you like, but don't remove the 'archive="lenz.jar"' or the '<PARAM name="cabbase" value="">'.
The 'image' parameter should contain the name of the image.
The 'size' parameter gives the radius of the lens, it cannot be bigger than 60.
The 'color' parameter can be used to change the color of the lens with a hex color code.
The 'transparency' paremeter should contain a number between 0 and 1 to indicate the transparency of the lens.
You can download Lenz here or mail me here.