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Programming links

The Game Programming MegaSite - Very good site, with all sorts of good resources. - Everything in programming ranging from directx and opengl to AI and theory. Good stuff.

Shawn Hargreave's page (Home of the Allegro Game LIB) - This guy is the king of djgpp. He's started a game lib w/graphic routines and everything.  Also, lots of links to other good libs for use in your games.

Midas Sound System Home Page - Excellent music library for using s3m's and xm's in your own games (it support is not very good).


The Official Impulse Tracker Page - The BEST tracker still today.

- Excellent resource for trackers, lots of good links.

- Very good tracking group. I like a lot of their music.

SAMPLING ZONE - Audio Sample & Sampling Resources - Some good samples here to use in tracks

Analogue samples - your first choice for free samples on the net - More good samples samples - Lots of good samples to download and use in your own tracks

- Good demo/music news, links, newsgroup, all sorts of good stuff.

- The BEST collection of mods on the internet!

Buzz 2 - A new kind of tracker emerging from the web. Uses things called "machines" to generate synths, do reverb, flange, echo, saturate, filter, etc. I don't like the interface but you can make some good sounding tracks with it.


- Persistence of Vision Raytracer : A high-quality, totally free tool for creating stunning three-dimensional graphics.

IRTC - Internet Ray Tracing Competition. Loads of amazing 3d graphics. Some day I hope to submit one of mine in.

Places to go, things to see!

Duh-2000 - The Contest - The monthly contest for the stupidest thing said about the Year 2000 problem.

Calvin and Hobbes - Calvin and Hobbes cartoons daily!

Happy World Land (! - Brians homepage! Hilarious, must see! Its still legal in 18 states!

Movie Mistakes - All of the movie screw ups you can handle.

The Lamest Personal Yellow Pages - A new and improved collection of the world's most useless links! (I sure hope my page never makes it there)

RJN's More Digits of Irrational Numbers Page - Isn't it nice where our tax dollars are going?

The really big button that doesn't do anything - It's big, Its bad, Its useless. Push it, it doesn't do anything.