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Disclaimer : The following contains facts that more than likely nobody would want to know about me. The author of this page does not guarantee that reading the following throughly will be beneficial to you in any way. It is more probable that watching your dog sleep will be a more productive activity to engage in rather than reading the following. Also, the author is not willing to accept nor will he accept any damage caused/provoked by the acquiring of this information, including but not limited to : missing razor blades, toothpicks, death, plastic spoons, floofy the dog, social status, etc. By reading the following you agree to send me $10,000 via check or money order or submit to a body cavity search (do us all a favor and send me the money). Batteries not included, read detailed step by step instructions before assembly, proceed at your own risk.

Full Name Timothy C. Harper
Height 6'2"
Weight 154 lbs. (69 kg)
Birthday 4/27/82
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Race Martian
Place of living Utah
Religion Mormon ( No I am not a polygymist and NO I DON'T HAVE ANY FREAKING HORNS so quit asking me!)
Hobbies/Interests 3d Art, Music, Games, Programming/Software Development, Computer Graphics, 3D modeling/design, Roller Blading, WebPage Design, Basketball, Water Skiing (water and snow), Mud Wrestling (heh heh just kidding), Traveling, Partying, Meeting People.
Work Place Albertsons. Store Peon/Slave
School Placement Senior
Languages Spoken French, English, Tagalog
Programming Experience Basic, Access, MFC/C++, Javascript
Favorite Tracker Impulse Tracker
Computer Home made P2-300


Favorite HTML editor FrontPage (yeah, yeah, shut up notepad geeks)
Favorite CPU Games Half-Life and Starcraft
Favorite Musicians/Bands Douglas Spotted Eagle, Feeder, Eve6, Third Eye Blind, Purple Motion, Skaven, Necros, NOISE, Ben Folds Five, Creed, Yanni, Counting Crows, Bosstones, Homegrown, Lagwagon, U2.
Favorite Instrument Piano
Favorite Knock Knock Joke 1 : Knock Knock

2: Who's There?

1: Marcel Proust.

2: Marcel Proust who?

1: Marcel Proust, 12th century French author who wrote the twelve volume cyclic novel, "The Remembrance of Things Past".

Favorite Deep Thought Sometimes I think I'd be better off dead. No, wait, not me, you.
Favorite Movie Drama : Rising of the Sun

Comedy : UHF

Chicflic : Ever after

Play : Les Miserables

Action movie : Disney's Hercules

Musical : Evita

Favorite Cereal Cheerios
Favorite Cartoon Serires The Simpsons
Favorite Zuka Juice Just Peachy
Favorite Pizza Canadian Bacon and Pinapple
Lease Favorite Food Mushrooms (Kill them all!), green peppers, squash. Gag.
Number of brothers 2
Number of Sisters 1
Opinion of Clinton Impeach him
Right or left handed Right
Favorite South Park Character Eric Cartman
Opinion on the Refrigerator Light Theory I think the light stays on
Furthest ever been away from Home Paris, France